Hi, I am Joanna

- A multi-disciplinary designer who loves to solve problems and thrives on making sense of complex information. Previously at L'Oréal, Blue Fountain Media, and New York University.
- She worked on NYU Worklink, Craft, and NYU Design System.
- She explored "What does my voice think about you?" and "What is The New York Times asking?".
- During her free time, she does computational art and motion graphics.


This is a space where I document my daily process of learning new techniques and exploring different ideas.

Social Perception in My Voice

What does my voice think about you?

Your Voice Emotion

"I feel happy." Are you really?

Voice Emotion Filter

Can emotion act as a filter of human voice?

Cinema 4D Exploration

Cinema 4D Practice

Computational Art in Processing

Weekly exploration of computational art

30 Days Circle Challenge

Motion graphics practice